Do you gamble too much? Get help with gambling problems — NOGA

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Do you gamble too much? Get help with gambling problems — NOGA

Do you gamble too much? Get help with gambling problems — NOGA

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Do you gamble too much? Get help with gambling problems — NOGA

Do you gamble more than you would like to? Are you afraid you might have a gambling problem? Or do you have doubts about gambling?

Whatever your problem, there is a solution.

On this page you will find all kinds of information to take the first step towards that solution. Maybe cutting back is the right choice for you. Or maybe you want to quit gambling for good today.

Do a test

If you are not sure whether you have a gambling problem, do a test first.

State-owned Holland Casino has a good online self-test for you. This is a free card game that allows you to find out what kind of gambler you are in just a few minutes. The self-test is completely anonymous. Your details are not stored. Do the test here.

The independent Trimbos Institute also has an online test. You answer 15 questions and then get free advice. Do the test at the Trimbos site.

Good websites about gambling and gambling problems is a good starting point, whether you want to learn more about gambling or help a family member or friend with a gambling problem. On this extensive and reliable site of the Trimbos Institute, you will find a lot of information on gambling and gambling problems. You will also find useful tips and tricks to keep gambling fun. gives you lots of tips and advice on how to reduce or stop gambling. As a first step, you can follow a short self-help course. Another nice feature is the active forum, where you can make contact with other gamblers. You can learn from their experiences and help each other. offers help if you are a gambling addict or if someone close to you is a gambling addict. Groups meet weekly all over the Netherlands to help each other cope with compulsive gambling. On the website you can read how this works.

Jellinekis the best known counsellor in the Netherlands. On the website of the Jellinek you will find a lot of good information about gambling problems, but also about problems with alcohol, drugs and games. Making an appointment with a counsellor is very easy online.

Do you want to speak to someone directly?

Want to speak to someone directly?

You can call the helpline free of charge 24 hours a day from stichting HANDS. You will then immediately get someone on the line who understands gambling and gambling addiction. HANDS is available free of charge on 0800-0220022.

AGOG also has a free helpline, for direct contact with someone who has experience with gambling addiction. Someone who knows what it is like and understands your problems. Call for free: 0800-2277722.

Set a limit

All reliable gambling sites offer the possibility to set limits. For example, a maximum amount you can deposit or lose per month.

Don’t fool yourself. Do you find yourself looking for ways around a limit? Do you want to register with another gambling site to continue gambling? Then you probably have a real gambling problem. Check out one of the sites mentioned above and start looking for a solution.

Block gambling sites with an app

Another smart step you can take right now: install an app on your computer and phone that blocks gambling sites. For example Betblocker. This app is free, contains no advertising and is completely anonymous.

he app is currently only available for download in English, but on our partner Meneer Casino’s website you find a good and clear explanation in Dutch about Betblocker and how it works.

When is it better not to gamble at all?

Gambling should be fun and remain fun. That is why it is not always wise to gamble, even if you are not a gambling addict.

Consider, for example, the following circumstances:

– You are depressed. Don’t gamble, full stop. It may seem that you can forget your problems by gambling, but it is not so. When you have gambled away, you come back to reality and you may have lost money as well. Then you feel even worse than before. Gambling will not solve your problems.

– You have debts. Are you hoping to win a lot of money so you can finally pay off your debts? You won’t be able to. You are fooling yourself. Chances are that gambling will get you into even more debt. Smart people don’t gamble when they are in debt, but first work to pay off their debts.

– You have stress. When you are stressed, you are much more likely to overstep your boundaries. You bet higher amounts and take more risks. And when you are stressed, gambling is not even fun. So first reduce the stress (go to the gym, take a walk, relax with Netflix) and if you still feel like it, you can take a gamble.

– You don’t really enjoy gambling any more. Think about it: do you really enjoy gambling? If you don’t enjoy gambling, but continue to do so, you are on the way to a gambling problem or gambling addiction. Find something else you like to do, preferably not on the computer or phone.

– You are mentally unstable or have a psychological disorder for which you have medication and/or undergo treatment and regularly undergo therapy. Do not gamble as likelihood is that you make erratic decisions, have a poor risk assessment capability and may gamble to sooth psychological pain, pain that is not disappearing by gambling.

– You are intoxicated, high on drugs or drunk. In such as state your risk assessment capabilities are strongly diminished or even completely gone. Not seldom people who are intoxicated do things that they later on regret. Don’t do drugs, drink and gamble at the same time.

NOGA and its members stand for fun in the game, but also for safe and responsible play. In short: Play with awareness: 18+.

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